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UV-Protected artificial plants with tested 8-year colour guarantee

Outdoor artificial plants + 8 year tested colour guarantee!

Artificial Boxwood outdoor

Artificial boxwood for terrace, garden and entrance with an 8-year colour guarantee. Evergreen artificial boxwood all year round. Resistant to all weather conditions. Protected against sunlight.

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Artificial boxwood in every shape

The artificial boxwood is very popular. This is because it takes away many of the disadvantages of the real variety. Boxwood is a versatile plant. They are often used as hedges, to separate the yard or are pruned into different shapes. In addition, they can be placed at an entrance as a beautiful eye-catcher, in the garden or on the terrace. Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages to the artificial boxwood plant; they are sensitive to various diseases and parasites. Moreover, a lot of work goes into pruning the plant in order to maintain its shape.

Therefore, plastic boxwood is a perfect alternative. It gives you all the advantages, but leaves out the disadvantages. Isn't that ideal? Here you can read all about the artificial boxwood and why these artificial plants will be a good addition to your private or business space.

The advantages of artificial boxwood for outdoors


What are the advantages of an artificial boxwood?

  • Cannot be distinguished from the real thing because of the use of a real wooden stem in combination with high quality plastic leaves;
  • The artificial plant does not need to be pruned;
  • Made of high-quality materials that last for years;
  • An evergreen plant;
  • No more problems with diseases or parasites;
  • UV protection, so the artificial plant does not fade or discolour;
  • You can place the artificial plant anywhere you like.

The artificial boxwood of LeopoldFlora can be placed in a nice pot or in the ground. These artificial plants are extremely suitable for indoors and outdoors. They are not affected by rain or frost and can therefore remain outside all year (even in full sun). Besides the durability of the artificial plant, it is also made completely true to nature, so that it cannot be distinguished from the real thing. This makes the artificial boxwood a real asset.

Artificial boxwood; our assortment

The artificial boxwood is a plant that has many different applications and styles. A selection of the most popular species in our collection:

The artificial boxwood ball

A common form of the boxwood plant is the ball. The artificial boxwood is an elegant form which can be used for many purposes. We have the artificial boxwood ball in many sizes and varieties. On a low trunk in a desired size (from 25 to 80 cm), a bulb on a high trunk or a trunk with several boxwood bulbs. All our synthetic buxus bulbs are made of the best materials and have an eight-year colour guarantee. The great advantage of this artificial plant is that it never grows out of shape. You will therefore never have to prune that awkwardly shaped bulb again.

The boxwood ball is beautiful as a focal point of a garden, terrace or balcony. It is also nice to vary the size of the bulbs and to place them together as a group. An artificial boxwood is a stylish addition to any outdoor environment and because of the many applications, you can let your creativity loose in your garden.

Artificial boxwood as a hedge

A green partition brings a lively and fresh atmosphere to a garden, terrace or balcony. At LeopoldFlora, we have various types of artificial boxwood hedges. A ready-made hedge, which can be put in a place of your choice, or a mat that can be attached to a fence, for example. The ready-made artificial boxwood hedge can be planted in the ground or in a container.

With the artificial boxwood mat it is easy to make a green separation from an already existing separation. This can be a wall or fence. The artificial mats are easy to attach to each other, so that an area is quickly covered.

The artificial buxus hedges cannot be distinguished from the real ones and have a beautiful bright green colour. These artificial plants for outdoors are also provided with our UV protection, so they keep their bright green colour. So you can enjoy an evergreen partition for years.


Artificial boxwood pyramid

A good way to bring height into the outdoor space is to place an artificial buxus pyramid. This artificial plant has a timeless shape that becomes narrower and narrower until the tip. The pyramid-shaped plant gives an air of prestige when placed in a large pot. A stylish way to welcome at the entrance or as a focal point in any outdoor area. By working with different heights, depth can be created which makes the space interesting to look at.

Artificial  boxwood spiral

The spiral boxwood is a playful form that is a popular addition to any outdoor space, but it is difficult to prune and maintain. Fortunately, we have developed the artificial boxwood spiral that leaves out all the difficulties. It is a sophisticated model that brings a wonderful focus and playfulness to the outdoor space. The artificial plant always has evergreen leaves and is made of high-quality materials, so that it appears lifelike.

Artificial boxwood square

Those who love modern, sleek shapes are also in the right place at LeopoldFLora. The art boxwood cube will certainly speak to the hearts of people who love symmetry. This angular artificial box is in a super tight and straight model. The artificial plant can be placed individually in a pot or in the ground, or in a row next to each other, creating a hedge. Do you like tight lines? This artificial plant will never grow out of shape, so it will not wilt. Due to the two colours of green used in the leaves, the artificial boxwood has a lively effect.

Various applications for artificial boxwood

We would like to give a few examples of places where the artificial boxwood is often placed and fully comes into its own. Besides the examples mentioned, there are of course many more places and applications for these beautiful artificial plants.

The entrance of a company building

An artificial boxwood creates the finishing touch and an inviting entrance to a business property. Often business premises have a boxwood at the entrance or even several boxwood plants placed together. The natural elements, such as the bright green colour and the small leaves that form a whole, create trust and comfort. The big advantages of an artificial boxwood at the entrance are; that it does not get dirty (no leaves fall) and that it certainly does not discolour or fade. Companies often choose this artificial plant, because it looks good, stays good all year round and creates a magnificent entrance.

The driveway of a house

An artificial boxwood globe for outdoors is also very beautiful when placed in front of a house. Place them along the driveway, in the front garden or even next to the door. Often, the entrance to a home is smaller than that of a commercial property. Naturally, we have taken all sizes and spaces into account when putting together our range. For example, we have developed various shapes and sizes. From an artificial buxus ball of 25 cm or 50 cm to even an artificial buxus ball of 80 cm. Along the driveway, the ready-made artificial hedge or the artificial boxwood cube will stand out well. Thus everyone who comes to your house is welcomed by a green, fresh column.

As a garden fence

The artificial boxwood hedge is very popular as a garden fence. To be able to sit separate and free or to create different corners in the garden. Of course, there are people who place a fence here. To realise a lively, green appearance and to preserve the ease of the maintenance-free character of a fence, an artificial boxwood hedge can also be placed. This artificial plant looks beautiful as a fence in the garden, is inviting, durable and maintenance-free.

On the terrace or balcony

For a terrace at home or at a catering establishment, an addition of greenery is never a wrong choice. The addition of a number of green artificial plants quickly creates an inviting atmosphere. By purchasing artificial buxus plants and using them to decorate the terrace, the outdoor life can be enjoyed even more, even on rainy days. Artificial boxwood plants come in different shapes, allowing you to effortlessly combine and create your desired atmosphere on the terrace. This artificial plant is an ideal plant for a terrace, because it is non-polluting, does not need any maintenance and always stays green and neat.

Of course, the balcony cannot be left behind. In the Netherlands many people live in a flat with a balcony. The balcony can be a haven for enjoying the outdoors. By placing greenery on the balcony in the form of an artificial boxwood you immediately imagine yourself in a fresh and natural atmosphere. The artificial boxwood of LeopoldFlora comes in many different shapes and sizes, so there is an artificial plant for every balcony. The advantage of these artificial plants on a balcony is that you do not have to prune them and therefore do not have to bother with the tidying up. Instead, you will enjoy a beautiful evergreen plant that is easy to care for and that knows how to bring nature to your balcony.

The artificial boxwood does not discolour

Real plants change colour with the seasons. In one month they are in full bloom and the green splashes off (if they are not damaged by caterpillars, snails or other pests) and in other months they look gloomy. This is the natural cycle of a real plant, which means that it cannot be enjoyed all year round.

The artificial boxwood is designed to resemble the natural plant as closely as possible. The big advantage is that this artificial plant always stays green. In addition, the artificial boxwood from LeopoldFlora is provided with UV protection. This ensures that the material does not discolour in the sun. LeopoldFlora gives a colour guarantee of up to 8 years, so the artificial boxwood can last for many years! This makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of this artificial plant all year round.

No maintenance required

This is an obvious side-effect, but it is worth mentioning. The artificial boxwood is, as the name suggests, made of high-quality artificial material. This means that no time needs to be spent on watering, pruning the plant or protecting it from disease and weather influences.

If you want to keep your synthetic buxus beautiful, we advise you to clean it once in a while. Dust and dirt can accumulate and can affect the aesthetic properties of this artificial plant. To clean the artificial boxwood you do not need any cleaning products; indeed, we advise you to use only water. Cleaning products can damage the synthetic material. The best way to clean it is to rinse it with water or to wipe it off with a sponge, swiffer or cloth.

The artificial boxwood is the ideal plant

We are very enthusiastic about our artificial boxwood. The natural style and especially the user-friendliness, easy maintenance, durability and versatility make it a unique artificial plant in its segment. So if you are looking for a versatile artificial plant, the artificial boxwood might be worth your investment.


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