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Specialist in artificial plants for outdoors with 8-10 year Colour Guarantee!Specialist in artificial plants for outdoors with 8-10 year Colour Guarantee!

Specialist in artificial plants for outdoors with 8-10 year Colour Guarantee!Specialist in artificial plants for outdoors with 8-10 year Colour Guarantee!

Onze uv-bestendige kunstbeplanting voor Buiten

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LeopoldFlora: unique artificial plants and artificial trees for outdoor use

You can order the most beautiful artificial plants and trees for outdoor use at LeopoldFlora. Whether it's a large garden, a small balcony, or the entrance of a business space; a green environment brings a relaxing ambience, tranquillity, and balance. Our artificial plants are made of extremely high-quality plastic with the best lab-tested UV protection in the market. This makes them indistinguishable from real plants and perfect for the outdoors. From raw material to finished product; we manufacture all of our artificial plants and artificial trees completely under our own management. This process allows us to confidently guarantee you the best quality, as a standard, you will receive an 8-year LeopoldFlora colour guarantee on your purchase.

Ordering our artificial plants and trees can be done quickly and safely online via our webshop. All orders above € 75, receive free shipping to the Netherlands and Belgium! You also have the option of coming to view our lifelike artificial plants and trees in our outdoor showroom.

It is also possible to come and see our realistic artificial plants and trees in our outdoor showroom. We look forward to helping you and are happy to assist you in making the best choice. Please call or email to make an appointment.

Outdoor artificial plants

Our collection of specialized outdoor artificial plants consists of fake plants that are very natural looking. You’ll be able to stylishly decorate your terrace, balcony, conservatory but also your office garden, company entrance or swimming pool with the most beautiful plants in no time. Through years of experience, we have been able to create artificial plants in many shapes, types and sizes. The plants may be fake, but it is very difficult to tell it apart from the real thing.

Our extensive range is quite varied and contains artificial plants with the most beautiful design. The beautiful long serrated leaves of the artificial Pandanus, the firm round leaves of the tropical Schefflera artificial plant for outdoor use or the very refined finish of the feathered artificial ferns; nothing is impossible. Our larger artificial plants are mostly built on a solid, real hardwood trunk.

Advantages of outdoor artificial plants 

  • They require little to no maintenance
  • You’ll have a beautiful green outdoor space all year round for years to come.
  • Our outdoor plants last a very long time and are resistant to sun, rain, wind, frost, and snow.
  • Variation, you can place our outdoor artificial plants wherever you want to. No need to take shade and sunlight into account.
  • An investment in our outdoor plants is one for the long term. You will earn back the costs amply.
  • LeopoldFlora's artificial plants can be bought and placed all year round. For larger plants, we supply a larger strong plastic pot for the necessary stability.

Artificial trees 

Our outdoor artificial trees are very strong and a valuable asset for a green outdoor environment or beautiful terrace. The artificial trees are almost maintenance-free, so you can enjoy them for years to come. This makes an artificial tree a very sustainable investment. At LeopoldFlora you can find artificial trees of all sizes. Our artificial holly or artificial yew are examples of smaller trees on trunks. Equipped with a beautiful pot, they immediately embellish any entrance and any terrace. We also have real eye-catchers such as the large Pinus tree XL of no less than 2 meters are available from us.

Artificial palms  

Palm trees guarantee a wonderful tropical feeling to any space. There's a reason they are so very popular, especially in the Netherlands. In your garden, on the terrace near a lounge bar or at the edge of a swimming pool, in many summery places, they’ll steal the show. Unfortunately, most palms are not suitable for our climate. That is why we can confidently recommend that you choose the unique artificial palms trees by LeopoldFlora. Our Raphis and Phoenix artificial palms have beautiful deep green leaves and are made of real wooden trunks.

This makes them almost indistinguishable from real ones. For smaller spaces, the exclusive Cycas artificial palm tree is a real asset; with its elegant feathered leaves and compact size, it fits perfectly on any terrace or balcony.

Artificial Bonsai  

A bonsai tree is not just any tree; it is an art form elevated to perfection. These beautiful pieces of art have been made in Asian countries for centuries and are now also available as artificial bonsai trees from us. The robust but elegant (often real wood) trunks, the characteristic design, the elaborate leaves or deep green needles; the art bonsai trees in our collection are made to perfection. These outdoor art trees are not only very beautifully designed and of high quality; but they are also very affordable.

Artificial hedge  

An evergreen hedge and never having to prune again; for many people, this sounds like a dream come true. At LeopoldFlora we can make that dream a reality with ourUV-protected artificial hedges made for the outdoors. A hedge immediately gives a garden a beautiful green and intimate look. A ready-made artificial hedge for outdoors from LeopoldFlora offers convenience and comfort without much maintenance work. Our collection of artificial hedges are very diverse; you can choose from the most beautiful artificial hedge mats and corners to create a green wall, a stylish boxwood artificial hedge in a box as a partition on a terrace or go for a large artificial hedge as a partition of yard or garden. In addition, you also have the choice of various types of artificial hedges. Sleek, lush, small or large; you decide which type of hedge you like the best!

Artificial Boxwood  

The beautiful drop-shaped leaves and the dense structure have made our artificial boxwood a favourite border or terrace divider for centuries. Our outdoor artificial boxwood is one of the highest quality artificial plants on the market. An artificial box mat measuring 30 x 30 cm contains no less than 300 box tips. This gives the artificial boxwood an extra full and luxurious look. The artificial boxwood mats and corners are very easy to join onto each other, allowing you to build a beautiful green wall yourself. It is also possible to order a ready-made artificial boxwood hedge. A ready-made artificial boxwood hedge is immediately ready for use. The ready-made hedges can be placed in a planter as well as in the ground.

Order your outdoor plants online

Are you convinced of the timeless green power of our specialised UV-protected outdoor artificial plants? All of our artificial plants and artificial trees are easy to order online via our website, but of course, you are more than welcome to come and see them in our large outdoor showroom.

If you happen to have questions about our products or about which plants are best suited for your outdoor space? We will gladly provide you with expert advice.

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