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Artificial outdoor palm trees

Artificial outdoor palm trees 

Palm trees grow mainly in the tropics and subtropics. These are plants that remind us of a sunny holiday. Often palm trees are placed by the pool. This really gives a holiday feeling. However, to admire palm trees you don't have to travel that far. Also in your own garden you can enjoy beautiful palms. The artificial palm is an excellent replacement for the real palm. You do not have to worry about the cold Dutch climate. Keep in mind that real palms cannot grow in the Netherlands, unless you choose a few hardy palm trees. Unfortunately, these are not as beautiful as the tropical varieties. Moreover, they need intensive care. Decorate your garden or swimming pool with the artificial palm. This is available in different heights. Especially the artificial palm Phoenix is popular. The pinnate leaves are placed on a real wooden trunk. This creates a realistic artificial palm that is indistinguishable from the real thing. You immediately get a tropical holiday feeling.

The artificial palm for professional use

If you work in the hospitality industry or the business world, then the artificial palm offers added value. You can create an attractive space by using the artificial palm as decoration. On the terrace or at the entrance: the artificial palm has many possibilities. Not only will you make a hospitable impression, the artificial palm also increases the performance of your employees. A natural green environment provides peace of mind.

Artificial palm for indoors and outdoors

The artificial palm is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Most plastic indoor plants discolour quickly when placed outside. Sunlight has a harmful effect on plastics. Plastic plants discolour quickly under the influence of sunlight. They can also crumble or tear after some time. You can prevent this by opting for the special UV-resistant artificial palm for outdoors. This is not only resistant to sunlight but also to rain, wind and frost. Place the palm outside on the terrace or in the conservatory. Also indoors by the window or on the windowsill this palm looks very nice. Incidental sunlight does not discolour the plant.

Artificial palms in different sizes

Every situation is different, which is why you choose artificial plants that fit in well with it. The artificial palm Phoenix has a height of no less than 170 centimetres. The width is 140 centimetres. This is an artificial palm that can be seen. Place it by the pool, on the terrace or at the entrance. This can be in the original pot, but you can also choose a heavier pottery. With this artificial palm you have chosen to use the original trunk. The pinnate leaves are provided with UV protection. If you prefer a different palm, take a look at the art palm tree Cycas of 60 or 80 centimeters high. These fit nicely in a planter, next to your garden set or lounger or on a platform. If you really want to stand out, put several small artificial palms together. Preferably choose an odd number such as three or five. All artificial palms can be nicely combined with one of the many other plastic plants from the assortment.

Protection against UV light

All outdoor plants are made of uv plastic materials. These raw materials are composed with care. In addition, they have been extensively tested in the laboratory. This has shown that the material gives a long-lasting protection against UV light. This light comes from the sun. It is precisely because of this light that plastic materials fade and discolour. After some time they become brittle and can even break off. Uv protection has been chosen to preserve your beautiful artificial palm for a longer period of time. All plastic plants have been specially developed for outdoor use. Of course you can also decorate your home indoors with the artificial palm.

Maintenance of the artificial palm

The artificial palm doesn't need much maintenance. You don't have to worry about fattening or watering. Also, these plants never have to deal with diseases or browning of the leaves. Your artificial palm will remain just as beautiful all seasons. When this plant is standing outside, a rain shower will wash the leaves clean. If you find this really necessary, the leaves can be wiped off with a damp cloth. This will effectively remove dust or other dirt. The artificial palm is resistant to frost. You do not need to bring it inside during the winter period. The plastic leaves do not break off and the real wood can take a beating.

Choosing the right plant pot

Art palms are supplied including a black plastic pot. For indoors you can use them directly. The plastic pot is also suitable for outdoors. However, it can be quite windy in the Netherlands. Please take this into account. If necessary, choose to make the pot heavier. You can also buy a nice overpot. A heavy earthenware pot is available in many different models and colours.


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