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Artificial bonsai trees for outdoors


Oriental atmospheres with the artificial bonsai outdoors


Bonsai is an Asian art form that is centuries old. More than 700 years B.C. the Chinese started cultivating miniature trees. This was and still is seen as a piece of art. The bonsai tree is a beautiful gift, but also looks beautiful in the living room. In the winter, the bonsai tree can't stay outside. The art bonsai can. Throughout the year you can enjoy this Japanese art form. You also have no maintenance to it. In a simple way you decorate your garden or terrace according to oriental moods.

Miniature landscape making


The very small bonsai trees are used in a ceramic bowl. Stones are added to this. This creates a miniature landscape. The larger art bonsai is ideal to decorate a Japanese garden. You can do this by using large stones and pebbles, water and bonsai trees. These three elements together form the rustic Japanese garden. For the construction of walkways you use stepping stones. Provide horizontal and vertical lines in the garden. The art bonsai you place within this line. Take into account depth. Water is an element that should not be missing. You can create one or more small ponds or water features. The artifficial bonsai can be placed on the right.

Indistinguishable from the real thing


With the artificial bonsai mostly a real wooden trunk has been used. The leaves or pine needles have been meticulously recreated. These are made of plastic and are resistant to all weather influences. The original shape of the bonsai tree has been used as a starting point. It is important that your visitors as well as yourself cannot distinguish the artificial bonsai from the real thing. Even when touching the wooden trunk the difference will not be noticed. Only the leaves or pine needles feel different. These art bonsai trees are therefore suitable for different purposes both indoors and outdoors. Place the tree on the balcony, roof terrace or next to your front door. Also very suitable to decorate your living room 

For office design, business premises or catering industry


The Japanese Zen garden is known for its peace and quiet. In some monastery gardens in Japan this is immediately noticeable. This tranquility is also desired in offices. Therefore, use is made of Japanese art forms. The artificial bonsai fits nicely here. The beautiful shapes and the natural look have a calming effect. This ensures better work performance by employees. In addition, the artificial bonsai is suitable to decorate the entrance in a professional way. The guest room, reception or public space also gets a heartwarming atmosphere thanks to these plastic trees. Within the catering industry, the terrace can be nicely arranged with one or more plastic bonsai trees.

Big and small Bonsai trees with UV protection


In the development of these high-grade plastic trees, we searched for the right raw materials. It was important to produce artificial trees that do not fade in the sunlight. Indoor artificial plants have this negative property. The plastic bonsai trees are made of uv plastic materials. Thanks to the UV protection the plant does not fade or discolor. After extensive tests in the laboratory, LeopoldFlora can give a colour guarantee of 8 years. This ensures a long and beautiful preservation of your art bonsai trees.

Order your UV resistant artificial bonsai tree


Are you convinced of the peace these trees bring? Order your art bonsai online. You will find a wide choice of different models. The Bonsai Pinus has a height of 60 centimeters. The knotty trunk and the synthetic pine needles look very natural. You can place this plant on a platform, table or next to your lounge set. This beautiful artificial tree is also available in a height of 80 centimeters. This tree can also be placed directly on a surface. You do not need to use a plant pot. Use this plastic bonsai for placement on a pedestal, wall or elevation. If you are looking for a larger plastic Japanese tree, the Podocarpus of 160 centimetres is sure to attract attention. This tree is also called the temple tree. Especially in Oriental gardens this tree is very common. The Pinus bonsai stands out thanks to its height of 180 centimetres.

The large bonsai come in plastic black pot. Of course you can transfer them to an earthenware planter or pot. This is especially recommended if you prefer a tight line. The square planter looks very nice in combination with the bonsai. If you want to prevent your artificial tree from blowing over in strong winds, place the included plastic pot in a concrete or earthenware planter. Possibly you can use sand, pebbles or decorative stones. This will make the pot heavier. In addition, you immediately use one of the three elements within the Japanese garden.

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