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Kleur en vorm van de kunstplanten zijn zo natuurgetrouw mogelijk


Outdoor artificial plants 


In the spring most people start redesigning the garden. After a long winter it needs maintenance or change. You will notice every year how much work this entails. That's why more and more people are opting for a low-maintenance garden. By using paving, artificial grass and artificial plants outside you create a green environment without too much maintenance. Artificial plants outside look beautiful in planters or large pots. Of course it is also possible to place them directly in the solid ground. The disadvantage of this is that you are still busy removing weeds. Moreover, the real wooden trunk can become too moist. That is why you put artificial plants outside in a nice pot or flower box. This makes them easy to move. In this way you can rearrange your garden every season.


Artificial plants outside on the terrace


The terrace or veranda plays an important role in our lives. The new inside is outside. This can be seen in the large range of outdoor kitchens, lounge sets and roofs. Practical and low-maintenance materials ensure great ease of use. The terrace can be nicely furnished with artificial plants outside. These stand nicely next to the garden set, by the outdoor kitchen or as a partition from the terrace. In the latter case, use can be made of elongated planters and plastic hedges. The artificial hedge is available in widths from 80 centimetres. This allows the terrace to be provided with a clear separation. This is also ideal for larger terraces in the catering industry. Artificial plants outside also do well as single artificial trees or tropical artificial plants. You can choose plant species that normally do not thrive in the Dutch climate. With this you put a real eye-catcher on your terrace.


A green environment on the balcony


Not everyone owns a large garden. If you live in an apartment, you probably own a balcony. You want to enjoy the outdoors on summer days. This is possible on your own balcony. Sometimes there is less sunlight here than you wish, but you are generally dry. Real plants on the balcony may experience too little sunlight and dehydration. That is why you should choose artificial plants. Not only do they have a natural look, you also don't have to worry about care. Artificial plants outside can stay the whole year round. In case of frost, you do not have to bring them inside. All seasons of the year you can enjoy green surroundings on the balcony.

Artificial plants outside on the roof terrace


Are you the proud owner of a roof terrace, then you have a magnificent view. More and more often roof terraces are decorated as true to nature as possible. However, real plants can suffer from the harsh winds and direct rainfall. To keep your roof terrace always beautiful, you should choose artificial plants outside. These are resistant to sunlight, rain and wind. Even when it freezes, your synthetic plants will remain beautiful outdoors. Because there is sometimes a strong wind on the roof terrace, it is a good idea to make the planters heavier. This can be done by means of sand, stones or by opting for heavier earthenware pots or planters.


The interior design


We come across plants in every living room. People like to have nature right around them. With artificial plants, you don't waste time caring for them. This is ideal for people who are busy or do not have green fingers. In the world of artificial plants there are two categories: outdoor and indoor artificial plants. The big difference lies in the material used as raw material. The special outdoor artificial plants are provided with UV-resistant plastic materials. These have been extensively tested in the laboratory. The material ensures that UV sunlight has no influence on discoloration. Of course not everything has an unlimited lifespan, but with the special uv plastic plants outside you will notice the difference. That is why UV kunstplantenvoor buiten.nl gives a colour guarantee of eight years. This is much longer than the standard plastic plants. The latter are therefore only suitable for indoor use. By also using the special UV plastic plants indoors, you do not have to worry about discoloration. After all, sunlight comes in through windows and doors. You can place the plants easily from inside to outside and vice versa. Convenience serves man.

Wide choice of artificial plants outside


Do you already have ideas about the new layout of your garden or terrace? UVkunstplantenvoor buiten.nl has a wide choice of UV-resistant plastic plants. These are indistinguishable from the real thing. In addition to plastic materials also real wood is used. For example, the art bonsai with real wood trunk. This can also be found in the artificial trees and many artificial plants. It is also possible to order plastic boxwood mats. With these you can easily create a green wall. This looks decorative at the terrace, restaurants or public spaces. Outdoor artificial plants are suitable for furnishing, decoration and camouflage. Almost all plastic plants have a plastic inner pot. Use this for indoor use or make the pot heavier for outdoor use. This will prevent it from blowing over when there is a strong Dutch wind. View the complete range of artificial plants outdoors in the extensive webshop.


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