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Boxwood Shrubs for your garden, entrance or terrace

All about the art of boxwood

Boxwood is a very popular plant in all types of gardens. This is mainly due to the versatility of the plant. These plants are often used as hedges, to separate the yard or are pruned into different shapes. In addition, they can be placed at an entrance as an eye-catcher, in the garden or on the terrace. In short, boxwood is a very versatile plant. A disadvantage of the real boxwood plant is that it can have to deal with various diseases and parasites. Moreover, there is a lot of work involved in pruning the plant to keep its shape.

That is why a plastic boxwood is a perfect alternative. It gives you all the advantages, but leaves out the disadvantages. Isn't that ideal? Here you can read all about the artificial boxwood and why these artificial plants will be a good addition to your private or business space.

The advantages of LeopoldFlora artificial plants

What are the advantages of an art box?

  • They are indistinguishable from real ones by the use of a real wooden trunk in combination with high quality plastic leaves;
  • You save a lot of time, because the artificial plant does not need to be pruned;
  • Our artificial box trees are made of high quality materials that will last for years;
  • You will enjoy an evergreen plant;
  • No more diseases or parasites;
  • UV protection, so that the artificial plant does not fade or discolor;
  • You can place the artificial plant anywhere you want.

LeopoldFlora's artificial box can be placed in a nice pot or in the open ground. These artificial plants are extremely suitable in indoor and outdoor areas. They are not affected by rain or frost and can therefore remain outside all year round (even in full sun). Besides the durability of the artificial plant, it is also made completely true to nature, so that it is indistinguishable from the real thing. This makes the artificial box a real asset.

Artificial boxwood; our assortment

The artfificial boxwood is a plant that has many different uses and styles. Some of the most popular varieties in our collection:

The artificial boxwood ball

A common form of the box plant is the ball. The ball is a graceful shape that can be used for many applications. The artificial boxwood ball is available in many sizes and varieties. On a low trunk with a desired size (from 25 to 80cm) ball, a ball on a high trunk or a trunk with more than one boxwood ball. All our artificial boxwood balls are made of the best materials and have the eight-year color guarantee. The great advantage of this artificial plant is that it never grows out of shape. So you will never have to prune it into that awkwardly shaped ball again.

The boxwood ball is beautiful to put as the center of a garden, terrace or balcony. It is also nice to vary in different sizes and to place them together as a group. In every outdoor environment an artificial boxwood ball is a stylish addition and because of the many applications your creativity can be let loose in your garden.

Artificial boxwood as hedge

A green fence brings a lively and fresh atmosphere in a garden, on a terrace or balcony. At LeopoldFlora we have different types of artficial boxwood hedges. A ready-made hedge that can be placed directly in a place of your choice, or a mat that can be attached to, for example, a fence. The ready-made plastic boxwood hedge can be placed in the ground or in a container.

With the artificial boxwood mat it is easy to make a green partition of an already existing partition. This can be a wall or fence. The synthetic mats are easy to attach to each other, so a surface is quickly covered.

The artficial boxwood hedges are indistinguishable from real hedges and have a beautiful bright green color. These outdoor artificial plants also have our UV protection, so they keep this bright green color. So you can enjoy years of evergreen separation.

Artficial boxwood pyramid

A good way to bring height into the outdoor space is to place an artificial boxwood pyramid. This artificial plant has a timeless shape that becomes narrower and narrower to its tip. The pyramid shaped plant gives an atmosphere of prestige when placed in a large pot. A stylish way to welcome at the entrance or as a focal point in any outdoor space. By working with different heights, depth can be created which makes the space interesting to look at.

Artificial boxwood spiral

The spiral boxwood is a playful shape that is a popular addition in an outdoor space, but difficult to prune and keep track of yourself. Luckily we have developed the art boxwood spiral that leaves all the difficulties behind. It is a refined model that brings a beautiful focus and playfulness to the outdoor space. The art plant has evergreen leaves and is of high quality.


Artificial boxwood square

The one who loves modern, tight shapes is also in the right place at LeopoldFLora. The art of boxwood cube will certainly appeal to the hearts of people who love symmetry. This angular artficial boxwood is made in a super tight and straight model. The art plant can be placed individually in a pot or in the ground or in a row next to each other, creating a hedge. Do you like clean lines? This artificial plant never grows out of shape, so weathering will not occur. Because of the two colors of green used in the leaves, the plastic boxwood has a lively effect.

Various applications of the artificial boxwood

We would like to give some examples of places where the art of boxwood is often placed and fully comes into its own. In addition to the examples mentioned, there are of course numerous places and applications of these beautiful artificial plants.

The entrance of a company building

An art box creates the finishing touch and an inviting entrance to a business premises. Business premises are often equipped with a boxwood at the entrance or even several boxwood plants placed together. The natural elements, such as the bright green color and the small leaves that form a whole, create confidence and comfort. The main advantages of a plastic box at the entrance are that it does not pollute (no leaves) and that it certainly does not discolour or fade. Because of this, companies often choose this artificial plant, because it looks good, stays good all year round and creates a beautiful entrance.

The driveway of a house

An artificial boxwood bulb for outdoors is also very nice when it stands in front of a house. Put them along the driveway, in the front garden or even next door. Often an entrance of a house is smaller than that of a business property. With all sizes and spaces we have of course taken into account the composition of our assortment. For example, we have developed different shapes and sizes. From an artificial boxwood bulb 25 cm or 50 cm to even an artificial boxwood bulb of 80 cm. Along the driveway, the ready-made artificial hedge or the artificial boxwood cube comes into its own. This way, everyone who comes to your house will be welcomed by a green, fresh column.

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Artificial boxwood ball of 40 cm with hardwood trunk for intensive outdoor use with 8 years colour
Outdoor artificial boxwood ball 50cm
Artificial mini boxwood bush with 8 years colour-guarantee from LeopoldFlora, specialist in artifici

Artificial boxwood ball 70cm UV

€229,95 €217,50
Artificial boxwood ball outdoors with a colour-guarantee from LeopoldFlora, specialist of uv-proof a
Large artificial boxwood Ball especially made for outdoors with 8 years colour guarantee from Leopo
Artificial boxwood ball on trunk with 8 years colourguarantee from LeopoldFlora, expert in artificia
Artificial boxwood on stem for the perfect decoration of any entrance with an 8-year colour guarante
Artificial boxwood square for outdoors with 8 year color-guarantee from LeopoldFlora, specialist in
Outdoor artificial square boxwood tree with an 8 year warranty for colour loss from LeopoldFlora, sp

Artificial boxwood square 50cm UV

€249,95 €229,95
Boxwood square or cube shape for a beautiful decoration in rectangular and square pots and planters.

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